Goblin Day in New England

On Saturday June 30th I attended the “Goblin Day in New England” heli fun fly in Mansfield, MA. This local event was organized by the New England Heli Crew (NEHC), the “Phenom “ guys, and sponsored by HeliDirect.  Although the theme was Goblin, the event was open to all pilots and helis.

Goblin Day Group Photo

Very fun event, this was a pilot’s event, with a good turnout from the New England area.  A full day of non-stop flying action, with good weather and… good food!  Yes, that’s right, I said good food! As it turn out, a new member of the NEHC club happens to be none other than a head chef at a famous Boston establishment.  Well… now, that’s the kind of job skills any heli event can make good use of. The BBQ ribs were excellent.

Goblin 500A fair number of Goblins turned out, maybe about half of the helis present. The rest, mostly Align machines, with a few TDAs and MA machines.  Noontime demos were pretty fun, including a tandem flight with Devon Conners.  My objective for the day was to dial in my new Goblin 500, which I did. It’s flying well and I’m starting to turn up the heat with it.  Very fun little machine!.

My main machine, the Trex 700E V3 with Cyclone Blades, however, continues to the crowd pleaser.  Many pilots inquiring about the Cyclone blades, interest is growing at the field and local distributor.

The event wrapped up late in the afternoon with a substantial raffle. Devon won a Goblin 500 kit, pretty happy about that.


Here is a video of my demo flight at the event.  Also be sure to checkout the other videos from the event.  Here is a playlist of them:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5wPeQ1cCWHvycgoSs5NGrkvFwJHd7z3w

Here are a bunch of photos from the event.

For full Resolution and quality of these photos you can see them here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/heliraptor/

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