Cyclone Flybarless carbon fiber Main blades by J1S Designs

Cyclone Flybarless carbon fiber Main blades by J1S Designs

CycloneOne of the nice surprises this spring is when I put a set of Cyclone blades on my 700E. I have flown many different blades over the years but this is the first time when a new set of blades is cause for excitement. The Cyclone by J1S Designs, are not just your run of the mill blades, they are engineered from the ground up to offer many advantages beyond the typical 700 size blades. They are quiet, efficient, very stable, yet super responsive. It seams as they effortlessly will do any command without hesitation. But what makes these blades really special is how well they track.

Every Blade I’ve flown seems to have a catch of some sort. They may be really responsive but as soon as you’re riding that hurricane or doing that fast pass the blades start to wig out and go into a flutter. Or you have blades that track really good but aren’t quite there “on the sticks”. They do great in fast flight but trying smack you really got to stick bang to get that heli to do what you want.

The J1S Cyclone blades however, seems to have the best of both worlds. Designed and developed by Tim Jones, the Cyclone blades have a unique tapered shape with a swept wingtip and other optimizations. Tim can tell you all about it. This new design is simply awesome. As soon as I spooled up I could feel a more accurate, solid connection to the machine, giving me and instant sense of confidence. The Second thing you notice is the whisper quiet of the hover, you can just “hear” the efficiency of the blades. Putting them through there paces of the hardest maneuvers, there is significantly less flutter. I would have to say the most surprising thing though, was how excellent they track at high speed. I’ve never seen blades that could perform between the two extremes so well. Doing 100mph hurricanes my heli turned into a dart on rails.

It’s a no brainer, I’m switching all my machines to J1S Cyclones. Try a set, see for yourself! Available at A Main Hobbies, $129

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